Friday, May 7, 2010

Optioned for Godzilla

I have been sought after to star in a number of films. Sometimes the role speaks to me, but sometimes it doesn't. Quite often I am offered roles solely based on my looks, which is one of the pluses of being so terribly good looking.

One director saw the following picture of me (which clearly showcases my vast versatility as an actor), and offered me the starring role in Godzillla on the spot. Certainly I was flattered to be selected in such a way, but unfortunately, due to some scheduling conflicts I was unable to accept the part.

They were very set on me as the main actor and were devastated when I had to turn them down. As a compromise, I relented and allowed them to use portions of me as the model for the basis of their Godzilla monster design. I'm sure that you'll see the similarities.